6 Reasons to write your story

Do you feel called to write an inspirational book–to share your story, your knowledge and expertise with readers?

Here are 6 reasons you should start writing and stick to it:

  • Our collective stories are history–preserve yours for the record.
  • Stories pass on our heritage and experiences–share your wisdom.
  • Stories help us see life’s patterns. Write your way to a clearer understanding.
  • Stories explore the forces that moved us to do what we did. Write to uncover the truth.
  • Stories open our heart to compassion and forgiveness. Write to grow.
  • Crafting a story is an act of creation. Write to make use of the God-given power that makes you human.

If you can read, if you can jot a note, you can learn to write your story. You’ll have to supply the dedication and effort, but you can come to us for help. We’ll share tips and strategies on this site to keep you focussed on the art and craft of writing with excellence.

We look forward to sharing our writing tips, as well as our editing and publishing experience, to help you reach your goals. We’ll be continually adding content to this page to help you with your inspirational writing project. So click that¬†follow¬†button at the bottom of this page to be sure you don’t miss anything.

Please tell us something about yourself, so we can get to know you. How did you find us? What kind of help are you looking for?


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