To write your book? or to hire a ghost writer?

If you’re called to share your story but aren’t called to write, you’ll want to hire a ghost writer.

Everyone has a story–but not everyone is a writer.

Who hires ghost writers?

Ghost writers most often work with celebrities (a high percentage of all celebrity memoirs are ghost-written). They also work with ordinary people (like you) who have extraordinary stories to share, and with experts (like you) who have important knowledge to pass on. Ghost writers generally write nonfiction. They almost never work on fiction projects.

How does ghost-writing work?

You share your story, knowledge, and expertise with the writer, (usually in a series of interviews) who then puts your stories into words (while you do something else!). Your name is listed as the author. It’s up to you whether and how to give credit to the ghost writer. People acknowledge ghost writers on the cover as a co-author, in the acknowledgements section, or not at all.

If I hire a ghost writer, to whom does the book?

The book is yours (because you’ve paid for it)! After the book is in print, it will be up to you to promote–do interviews, signings and events–as the author. The ghost writer remains an invisible presence behind the book, just like the editor and the printer.

How much does it cost?

Of course you’ll have to pay the person you’ve hired. Cost varies depending on the breadth and depth of the project. Cost also has to do with prospective sales. It can range from $2000 to tens-of-thousands to hire a qualified ghost writer. Quite a few reasonable people invest more than annually in hobbies like hunting, sailing, hot air ballooning, art and antique collecting, horseback riding, playing polo, ballroom dancing, and sky diving.

If your story and/or expertise is important to pass on, and you’re not cut out to be a writer, hiring a ghost writer is a worthwhile investment.

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to be a ghost writer yourself, check out Andrew Crofts informative article. Yes, A. Croft is a ghost, and he’s written a book about it.

Would you rather be a ghost, or hire a ghost? 

If you’re interested in working with a ghost writer, contact us to explore your options.