Write the book you were born to write

Forget about markets, platforms and trends. We’ll deal with all that after you’ve finished writing your book.

We want the book YOU were born to write. Your story, your passionate obsession, the idea that won’t let you go. Speak your emotional truth, make us connect to YOU–your dreams and fears, your life.

  • Please do not look at the best seller list and try to figure out what’s hot.
  • Please do not try to sound like your favorite popular author.
  • Please do not jump on the bandwagon.
  • Be inspired by what honestly moves you.
  • Be original.
  • Be  authentic, and make something new.

If you feel called to write, then write with your heart, your soul and your mind.

Write the truth of your experiences and perceptions, with integrity, and you’ll make an impression.

Do you know yourself well enough to write your book?