Where to find a writing partner?

So now that you know why to work with a writing partner, and what a partnership is, it’s time to consider…

Where to find a writing partner or group?

There are 8 million bloggers out there!

Over 1 million new books were published in the U.S. last year!

The world is absolutely crawling with writers.

Persist in turning over rocks until you find the right writing partner(s).

Seek and ye shall find!

Are you persistent person?



  1. Over the years I participated in 9 different writing groups. Two of them worked quite well for me (I learned & grew as a writer, and felt comfortable, accepted, and encouraged). Another one of the 8 was practically perfect; and the most helpful–the group I had been looking for all my life. That was also the last group I found, which came together after I had been writing for more than 20 years. I guess I must be a persistent person. I kept looking until I found the partners I needed, and I’ve kept writing.

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