Is your writing partner good for you?

Just like buying a comfortable pair of shoes, you’ll have to shop for writing partners. You’ll have to try them on.

You might work with a number of people until you find the perfect match.

(Our next article covers how to work together).

While you’re working with a partner, ask yourself these questions. 

  • Do I like this person? Does she like me? Is she like me–a writer of comparable skill, who possesses my commitment to continual improvement?
  • Is this person intelligent, truthful, fair, and kind-hearted?
  • Is this relationship helpful? Is my writing improving?

If you suspect lack of commitment, or inability to be honest, if you feel like this person doesn’t like you, if you detect hidden subterfuge or envy, keep looking until you find the right person/people.

Have you found the right person? Do you have any ideas on how to gracefully bow out of a writing partnership or group that isn’t working? 



    1. I’ve found that a group works best when the writers are all at the same level of proficiency and commitment.

      Not everyone needs a partner all the time. It’s a matter of personal preference; but most people find that getting a response from a trusted reader increases motivation and commitment, and provides much-needed feedback.

  1. Thanks so much for following my LBB blog, think your blog here and its content uber valuable to the writer. I am appreciative of your postings of very relevant material. Looking forward to more.

    1. What about proof reading your own material? Many writers find they’re able to catch the majority of their own grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes if they give the writing a week to cool off, and then slowly proof read themselves.

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