Announcing Editors’ Pick for Winner of our Symbol Writing Contest

Congratulations to JE Lillie, winner of Rose Hall Media’s recent writing contest. 

The Golden Thread

by J. E. Lillie

James fingered the spool of golden thread in his pocket and thought “I’m not like them. I could never be like them.”

He found himself wondering about things like fate and DNA and wondered what role, if any, those things played in his course. He remembered the game he and his brothers played as little boys dropping spools of thread down the circular stairwell to see whose would go the farthest. James was the master of the game Somehow he could make his spool unwind down all three flights and into the parlor. Once it had rolled as far as the piano and his mother had told him, “That’s just like life. We create nothing really. Our only job is to follow the thread to its end and bring it all back together.”

His father had said “Pick up this mess. Why can’t you be more like your brothers?”

His brothers, whose spools had only made it to the first landing, said “Yeah James, why can’t you be more like us?”

If only James had been able to make his life about thread perhaps things would have been easier, but as a tailor he had been a colossal failure. Erratic hemlines and uneven inseams had eventually forced his father to let him go.

“You aren’t without prospects.” His mother had said that night as he packed his bags. She placed the gold thread and his sheet music atop his clothes before hugging him one last time.

James eyed the shabby velvet curtains and dusted the collar of his suit jacket.

“Follow the thread.” He muttered.

James kissed the precious spool, placed it back in his pocket and took the stage to play for the conservatory.



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