Reader’s Choice Contest Entry: Nathanael by Benjamin Nelson

We received so many submissions for our recent writing contest (a short piece incorporating a symbol) that we had trouble selecting a winner. Therefore we’re running another contest for those who entered, this time a reader’s choice award. Between June 3- June 15 we will publish all of our favorite qualified entries received and open voting to the public, who will be able to select a reader’s choice winner for this contest. Those who are entered in the contest may encourage their family, friends and readers to vote for them.

Reader’s Choice Voting will be open from June 16th – 22nd. The entry with the most votes will win the contest.

Here is Nathanael by Benjamin Nelson

“Do you have to say everything that comes into that tiny brain, Nate?”

I’m not sure I can tell you how many times I have heard that. Mom, dad, especially my brother Philip, they’re all tired of  my constant response: “But it’s the truth.”

Yet today truth betrayed me. It nearly cost me dearly. I came right up to a crossroad and almost turned away from Truth, deep Truth.

I had a sense of expectation as I pondered the scriptures before dawn this morning. It was too warm to sleep so I sat beneath the fig tree and mulled over the words of the prophet Isaiah. Who was this One crushed for our iniquities, poured out to death, bearing the sins of many? Who was this lamb, silent before His accusers? Would Messiah ever come?

Little did I know that today was the day I would meet Him. Today, if my ‘truth’ did not keep me from considering this man from Galilee, I would take up my cross and follow this lamb.

“We’ve found Messiah – the Nazarene, Jesus.” Philip’s words seemed like a bad joke. Nazareth? Not Bethlehem? Can’t be. I was ready to dismiss the whole matter. “What possible good can come out of that compromised, worthless city?”

“Come and see” and he was off – running.

Here was my crossroad – yet I was still unaware of how important these next few moments would be.

I followed without conviction.

As I approached, this Nazarene spoke the words that would alter my path forever.

“Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.”

As I sat and pondered this lamb, He saw me there?

Surely this is the Messiah.

Today I take up the cross – His cross and follow this lamb.




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