Reader’s Choice Contest Entry: The Circle by Charlotte Dorais

We received so many submissions for our recent writing contest (a short piece incorporating a symbol) that we had trouble selecting a winner. Therefore we’re running another contest for those who entered, this time a reader’s choice award. Between June 3- June 15 we will publish all of our favorite qualified entries received and open voting to the public, who will be able to select a reader’s choice winner for this contest. Those who are entered in the contest may encourage their family, friends and readers to vote for them.

Reader’s Choice Voting will be open from June 16th – 22nd. The entry with the most votes will win the contest.

Here is The Circle by Charlotte Dorais

The Circle
The circular driveway of the house we were viewing brought to mind my home I grew up in. Our home set at the end of a very long driveway. The driveways length distanced us from the street noise but made entering and leaving difficult. My dad was a great driver, who had no difficulty backing in or out, but my mother’s driving skills showed less promise.
My dad would not let us tease mom about her driving though. He believed in building people up and encouraging people and he loved my mother deeply. Moms driving skills were a joke between us kids. Whenever she was getting ready to take the car my siblings and I would run out and move all our bikes and toys to the back of the house knowing they would be safe. My oldest brother would offer to back the car out or turn it around for her and generally she would refuse until several tries and failures later she would give in.
One day while we were all away mom decided she would teach herself to back up the car. No one knows how long it took her to do it, but it appeared to go very well until she got to the street and backed out in front of a truck which struck her car and caused major damage to both vehicles. Dad made the decision to build a circular driveway in front of the house for her that day.
 He taught us what real love was by the example of how he loved mom. That circular driveway represented his love for her and circular driveways remind me of that love. We learned how God loves us by the example our parents showed in loving each other and us. And the circle represents that.


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