Reader’s Choice Contest Entry: The Perfect Masterpiece by Deb Maciorowski

We received so many submissions for our recent writing contest (a short piece incorporating a symbol) that we had trouble selecting a winner. Therefore we’re running another contest for those who entered, this time a reader’s choice award. Between June 3- June 15 we will publish all of our favorite qualified entries received and open voting to the public, who will be able to select a reader’s choice winner for this contest. Those who are entered in the contest may encourage their family, friends and readers to vote for them.

Reader’s Choice Voting will be open from June 16th – 22nd. The entry with the most votes will win the contest.

Here is The Perfect Masterpiece by Deb Maciorowski

The Perfect Masterpiece
The anticipation of seeing the perfect masterpiece arrive is indescribable!  I often wonder who will see it first or will we all see it at the same time?  There is no way to know until it arrives.  Maybe it will come to us but we will not know unless we are constantly watching.  Will it be when I’m working or perhaps when I’m sleeping?  I sure hope I don’t miss it.  Oh, please, Lord, don’t let me be too busy that I can’t stop and watch a while. I don’t want to be known as a “Martha”.
You know what would be nice? If I was walking through the park and someone said, ‘Look, there!  Have you ever seen such a beautiful blanket of colors draped across the sky?’  Imagine the magnificent sight my eyes would behold on that day.  To visualize the spectrum of purple and blues blended together throughout the snow white clouds; could it be the most perfect masterpiece ever brushed?  Look, there!  To the sky, the King of Heaven riding in on the tsunami of Glory!  Vanished in the blink of an eye; Hallelujah!


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