About Rose Hall Media


As pioneers of the concept of Cooperative Publishing, we exist to assist and promote writers who, for various reasons, are reluctant to partner with literary agents and/or major publishing houses. Through a new kind of publisher/writer partnership, our authors have significant creative and administrative control over their book’s concept, content, design, publishing schedule and publicity, and still receive the editorial, production and marketing help traditionally provided by a publisher.

A Small Press Cooperative Publisher

Our cooperative process professionally prepares the author and book to find a niche in an overwhelmingly complex marketplace.

We selectively collaborate with authors whose work fits our standards.

Our authors invest in the publishing and/or marketing of their books, and therefore they retain a correspondingly larger share of all sales profits.

Because few writers are equipped with all the skills, time, and/or initiative to successfully complete the multitude of tasks involved in transforming a manuscript into a quality book, we provide professional editing, design work, printing, e-book formatting, marketing and distribution.

The goal of Rose Hall Media Company is to connect writers of good books with an audience of pleased readers.

If you would like to discuss your project, please read our submission guidelines and then query us. We will respond to you personally and respectfully.

Rose Hall Media Company publishes inspirational memoir, biography, self-help, wellness and fiction.