Submission Guidelines

Rose Hall Media Company is a Small Press Cooperative Publisher of inspirational writing.

Because we are a small press, we take on new authors and new projects only as we have the time and resources to give them adequate attention and focus. We accept projects that fit these categories:

  • autobiography/memoir
  • biography
  • self-help
  • wellness
  • fiction
  • poetry.

We collaborate selectively on book-length projects with writers whose work meets our high standards.

Our authors write purposefully, intelligently and creatively to share their stories, their ideas, and their expertise. Although they believe the Bible is the word of God, they do not necessarily write about religion or faith. They seek to encourage and inspire readers to live wisely and well. If they do share their faith, they do so in a gentle, respectful and non-preachy manner. We’re not interested in publishing stories or philosophies that blatantly contradict traditional Judeo-Christian ethics. We don’t publish gratuitous or graphic sex, violence, profanity or cynicism.

The Cost of Publishing

and the amount of investment made by each author is entirely project-specific, determined by a number of variable factors, including the length of the manuscript, how much editorial and layout support the author needs, and the specific design requirements for each book (size, color, layout, cover art, hard or soft cover…). We will discuss your goals and your budget and your promotion plans, and then we will custom-design a package specific to your book’s needs. We confidently encourage you to compare us to any other other traditional or custom publisher, because we strive to offer qualified authors simply the best opportunity to reach readers, with the highest return on their investment.

After your book is finished, query us.

If you are just starting or are still working on your book, read our Writers’ Help Page.

To learn more about cooperative publishing, see About Rose Hall Media Company.

Then, AFTER your book is finished, fill in the form below to query us.

  • Be sure to provide us with:
    • your name and contact information;
    • your book title;
    • the type (genre) of book you have written;
    • a two-to-three paragraph summary;
    • and the word count.
  • We will respond via email in a reasonably timely fashion, personally and respectfully. If we’re interested, we’ll provide our email and mailing address along with a request for more information.